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Assignment 1 Due Sept 3rd Solutions
Assignment 2 Due Sept 8th Solutions
Assignment 3 Due Sept 15th Solutions
Assignment 4 Due Oct 1st Solutions
Assignment 5 Due Oct 8th Solutions
Assignment 6 Due Oct 15th Solutions
Assignment 7 Due Nov 3rd Solutions
Assignment 8 Due Nov 10th Solutions
Assignment 9 Due Nov 19th Solutions
Assignment 10 Nov 23rd (Optional) Solutions
Quiz 1  Sept 17th Solutions
Quiz 2 Oct 20th Solutions

Here is the course handout.

Mock Finals: here and here.

Relations Review:
By popular demand, I will hold a review session on relations on Friday 20th at 10am in ILB 465. We will work through this. Solutions.

Some of the solutions for assignment 8 did not correspond to the questions I actually set in the end! Whoops! I have updated the posted solutions above.

Week 14:
This week we will look at left and right inverses of functions and injective and surjective mappings.

Week 13:
This week we will look at functions or maps. We will examine the formal definition of a function as a relation and will look at various operations on functions, such as the direct image, and restriction.

Week 12:
This week we will finish with equivalence relations and our lengthy example of modular arithmetic. We will then start to look at functions.

Week 11:
This week we will look at equivalence relations.  

Week 10:
On Monday we have a class test. This will cover set theory and induction. On Wednesday we will continue with the cartesian product and will try to make a start on relations.

Week 9:
This week we return to set theory and look at the cartesian product.

Week 8: 
We will have a short break from set theory and will look at "proof by induction".

Week 7:
We will continue with set theory this week.

Week 6:
We will make our long overdue start on set theory!

Week 5:
We seem to have a class test on Wednesday. This will take up the full class time on Wednesday. A few of you have asked for a review session on Monday. As you are particularly unlikely to listen to me droning on about sets with a quiz coming up, we might as well have one.

Week 4:
On Wednesday we will finish our section on proofs. We will aim to make a start on set theory this week too.

See Section 2.1 of the text for set theory.  
Assignment 1 typo:
The RHS of the equivalence in Q3(c) of assignment 1 should read
and not
The extra "not" is a copy-paste error!

Week 3:
Monday is a holiday (hurrah!). On Wednesday we'll talk about proofs. We will start off with the formal definition of a proof. We'll probably all agree that the formal definition isn't particularly useful for our purposes. We'll go on to construct our  usual idea of a proof from this definition.

See sections 1.4-1.7 of the text.

Week 2:
This week we will look at the structure of a more interesting type of statement, namely quantified statements. Our aim is to understand quantifiers and how to negate statements involving quantifiers.

You should read Section 1.3 of the course text.

For extra practice, try exercises 1.3.1 and 1.3.2.

Thanks to the cracking pace of Wednesday's class, you should now be able to do all of assignment 2.

Week 1:
The aim this week is to motivate the ideas of formal logic and to begin building our systems of formal logic. We will cover propositions, connectives, truth tables and conditionals.

You should read Sections 1.1 and 1.2 of the course text.