Iain Moffatt

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Royal Holloway
University of London
TW20 0EX
United Kingdom

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tel: +44 (0)1784 443081
fax: +44 (0)1784 430766
office: McRea 011 (what3words: open.tubes.zebra)

Research Interests

Algebraic combinatorics, topological graph theory, and knot theory.

My research centers on the interface of combinatorics and topology. I am particularly interested in the ways in which combinatorial and topological structures can be encoded in one another, and in exploiting such connections to solve hard problems in combinatorics and  topology. I work extensively with topological extensions of graph polynomials and constructions. I am especially interested in using the additional topological structure to gain new understandings of classical polynomials (such as the chromatic, Tutte and Penrose polynomials), their evaluations,  their connections between each other, and their connections with quantum  invariants of knots and  statistical mechanics.

I am also interested in in quantum and finite-type invariants of knots and applications of geometric group theory to knot theory. In addition, I have recently been working on applications of graph theory to biology.

Non-research Interests

Photo of me
Away from work, I like to swap math problems for bouldering problems.

(Me on the problem "Hung Out to Dry" (f5+) at the Cuttings, Portland.)


book cover

D.M. Jackson and I. Moffatt, An Introduction to Quantum and Vassiliev Knot invariants
, Springer, 2019.

book cover

J. Ellis-Monaghan and I. Moffatt, 
Graphs on surfaces: Dualities, Polynomials, and Knots, Springer, 2013. (errata)


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I. Moffatt, Integration and Conjugacy in Knot Theory, PhD thesis, University of Warwick, (2005). (arXiv)

Click here for my papers on arXiv.

Editorial Work

From 2016-19, I was the Editor-in-Chief of the Newsletter of the London Mathematical Society, the UK's learned society for mathematics. I took the Newsletter through a major redesign, bringing in a new format and adding new feature content.

I recently guest edited a special issue of Advances in Applied Mathematics on the Tutte Polynomial.

Conferences organised:  

Comparative Theory for Graph Polynomials,  Dagstuhl Seminar, September 29 – October 4 , 2019
FPSAC 17, London 2017
Graph Polynomials: Towards a Comparative Theory, Dagstuhl Seminar,  12th-17th June 12 – 17 2016.
Workshop on New Directions for the Tutte Polynomial:  Extensions, Interrelations, and Applications, Royal Holloway University of London, 11th-14th July 2015.
Special session on graph polynomials and their applications, CGTC46, 2nd-6th March 2015.


Slides from Eindhoven 2016
Slides from Dagstuhl 2016
Slides from Fields 2016
Bordeaux 2015: slides, problems, ribbon graphs, polynomials 1, duality, medial graphs, polynomials 2, knots, matroids.
Slides from
BCC 2015, Warwick
Slides from
Spring 2012 meeting in Vermont
Slides from Spring 2012 AMS meeting at Tampa
Slides from Fields Undergraduate talk

Slides from SIAM DM10 meeting in Austin
Slides from BCC 2009, St Andrews
Slides from Spring 2008 AMS meeting at Baton Rouge